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SV Werder Bremen

Lebenslang grünweiß!

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everything about and around the german football team sv werder bremen

Welcome to svwerder!

This community is all about the German football team SV Werder Bremen, synonymous with heart- stopping football (the Wonder of the Weser), carrying around a heart (or rather a rhombus) of green- white, dancing the Wiedener (to the left, to the right & shake your hips and dance the Wierdener), winning the DFB- Pokal every five years (You don’t believe us? We’ll talk again in 2014) and tradition.

We, your lovely moderators, dryope, loozy & wb_deep_play, invite you to this community to share with us your fan art, be it avatars, gifs, picspams, fanfiction or articles, or anything that has to do with the best team in northern Germany.

rules. Use your common sense and also the ljcut.

afiliates. torstenfrings, diebundesliga, werderdaily

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