October Aeowyn (octobones) wrote in svwerder,
October Aeowyn

Oh Kapitän, mein Kapitän.

 So according to Werder Bremen's wikipedia, Per Mertesacker is officially the captain of Werder Bremen, Clemens at vice. I love Per, but I still think Clemens deserves it more. I guess this season will tell. Thoughts? Opinions?


Okay, as you've pointed out, it could just be the regular Wikipedia shenanigans. I fall for it too easily. All. The. Time. But that still brings up the question of captaincy...who should have it?
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Okay, I've edited the post. I had no idea there was a press conference yesterday. BRB, rolling around and sucking.

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Clemens/Wiese. OH GOTT. OH GOTT.
Sassy Wiese with the armband and yelling.
I think the Wikipedia page only says that because an editor shifted everyone up one (so to speak) when Frings was removed, rather than leaving it showing a vice-captain but no actual captain, because it's said it since early July. It'll probably be changed (...or left the same, or whatever) when there's official word.
Okay, thank you. I edited this entry. Sitting here and evaluating the pros and cons of each player now.
I also think, it should be Fritz.
imo he's more reliable to stay a bit longer at Bremen than Merte...
I think he also displays captain-like authority at all times. Something I've noticed with Merte is that he's only captain when he has to be, he doesn't just go ahead and take charge to make sure everybody's doing what they're supposed to, but Clemens does--even stepping into the ROLE of somebody if they're not on point or something. He's just a stronger candidate.