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Errr, crap. It's Toronto FC.

Out of all options, Frings has to decided to sign for MLS side Toronto FC. Not Leeds United. Nor Glasgow Rangers. There was some live-stream of the presser, I watched it with taversham and it made me all kinds of sad.

First of all, strange coach - wrong colors - wrong teammates, some out-of-training Dutchie (Koevermans from PSV Eindhoven) sitting next to Frings... Quite a miserable sight to look at. And there was some live-comments going on parallel to the live-stream and people repeatedly asked if Winters will remain coach with TFC. Idk. Does not sound too good to me. Also Toronto FC has been hitting bottom of the Eastern Conference table real hard and set out presenting Koevermans along with Frings with high hopes of changing that poor result... I am not so informed about the in's and out's of Canada's MSL, but it does not sound like a sweet retirement deal, but more like: WORK! Klinsmann is advisor/manager to that club and he apparently was in charge of arranging the new signings. Klinsmann, you all say! Yes. That Klinsi.

Any thoughts?

Here is some random screen-cap from the presser, Frings wearing that godawful scarf (and his signature black cap)...

And here is the link to TFC's homepage - it might still have the video of the presser available somewhere.

Also fun: reading the comments. Maybe the only fun thing in all of this. And, NO Frings does not speak English, in case you're having hopes for the lulz - he got a translator. Needless to say, the whole god damn thing felt odd and made me sad thorughout.
Frings signed for, now fasten your seat-belts: TWO-AND-A-HALF YEARS!!! Is that Klinsman's way of soothing those wounds from Löw giving Frings the boot? Idk. We do not know how much he makes, though. Funny enough, he got particularly praised and was signed for his leadership qualities, apparently they lack that at TFC (=Toronto Fired Chicken? Idk).

He'll get the 22 though (has a special clause in his contract, OF COURSE).

Here is a Canadian article on that mess...
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