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Werder Style Watch! Lipstick On. Hit And Run. (And Some Tying).

This post has been approved by a Champions League winner, y'all!

Be warned this post is utterly useless and 100% superficial. No dry analysis or lengthy speculations on Wiese possibly signing with Schlacke instead of sticking it out with bottom bitches Werder. I mean, seriously, what for for? Wiese, lord supreme of all bottoms, would never have it any other way, duh! He is just teaaaaaaaaaaaaasing...

You want proof? Here IS proof!

Alright then - get your sunglasses and lipsticks out and let Werder's springtime catwalk begin! Strutting their asses!

Wait! Wait! We need some music to start us off, right?

*press play*

This one is not really in spring mode yet? Keeping his precious head all cozy after it got attacked by that brute Franz.


Love the hand!

Shopping bag. Check!
Louis Vuitton manbag. Check! (Why so small?)
Virgin Maria on his shirt. Check!
Mohawk. Nah, Fauxhawk. Check!
Sweet sunglasses on. Check!
Bulge. Check!
Some Lance Armstrong douchey wristband. Check! (Or sumpin' like that)
Smartphone. Check!
Bitch-is-soooo-busy look. Check!

Still, he behaves very considrate and nice to some chubby vintage Cuban Libero kid!
Back on topic. Is he wearing jeggings????? (Oh, please so!). Also, are his balls still possessed??

Awesome Wesley in checkered pants! With a cute lil' girl in a Kappa kit! Yay! Random, is he the missing 5th member of No Doubt??

Is that Ru Paul on his shirt? Does he want me? I am glad Marko can smile about his own shirt! Do we feel the wristband though?

Be warned. This one is rather eyesore-ish. Maybe focus on all the shoes on display instead?

This one needs to be put in place pronto! I mean first immodestly asking for a raise and then THIS! There is only ONE player who gets to sport wifebeaters AND reverse cap unironically, mister! *points at pic further below*

Bouncy hair y'all!!! And MORE shoes!

This one brings flip flops??? Is he afraid of catching some athelete's foot in the locker room? Possibly maybe. Good boy is preparded!

This one's flawless! White watch matching white shirt! AND pretend-phoning. Ten points!

I need some help with this, er, ensemble. I do feel the crutches and the bike messenger pants. That's hot. But what's that drag queen to do on his shirt? Not that I mind drag queens per se - quite the opposite. But the trompe l'oeuil effect with the breasts needs to be done more professionally. Needs to be bigger to impress me... The picture that is. Proportion-wise, you know.

Guys, how do you feel about all this?

I, personally, feel about some (nah MOST) of the fashion-smashion here at display kinda like this...

Otoh, Frings is hardly immune to major fashion fails himself...

( I can't seem to ever tire of posting this ridic picture. It is wrong on ALL levels - which - in my book - translates to totes right on all levels!!! This is how you properly wear a mess of accessoires with wifebeaters).

And back to some more properly dressed pics which I could not resist to leave here with you. Werder, these days, loves to tie. Very much so. We know. Here they are, tying themselves up in interesting couplings. All you OTP lovers, and I know ther are some of you out there, have some new springtime suggestions!! Thoughts?

Btw, Clemens natural hair color needs to be celebrated!! (Frings likes it ;)) Finally he got rid of the late-shift hooker blond streaks and looks, well: grown up! Congrats! And now he gets to play with the OLD boys!

Frings is photobombing this one! Lol.

And some lolsy cute Wiese! And Schlacke won't ever lay their hands on this one! Reck and Rost nevermind. But crispy Wiese stays put!

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