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Werder training at Belek, Day 1 & Presentation of Newbie Denni Avdic

Here is a selection of pictures of the first day of training at Belek...


Klaus Allofs is convinced that the new striker is a fitting addition to Werder. "He can keep a ball well, is good at headballs, and has a sense for the goal," Werder's sporting director praised the new player during Tuesday's press conference. "Denni fits into our pattern on the pitch," Allofs accentuated, "He's only at the beginning of his development."

Though Werder was looking for a replacement of Hugo Almeida, who left for Besiktas Istanbul first and foremost, personnel planning could become difficult. As Werder has a team "that is pointed towards a participation in the international cups," it could become costy to keep players like Per Mertesacker, who has been connected to Arsenal and was scouted during the match against Kaiserlautern in December by FC Liverpool; Werder's skipper Torsten Frings has also speculated about ending his career.

An equal capable alternative would be something that Werder couldn't afford without European Cup- income. And after the horrible first leg of the season, there is no more money to be gained by Champions League or DFB- cup.

In the second leg, the focus is to get away from the relegation places. Naldo is in danger of being out for the rest of the season, and yet Thomas Schaaf is looking forward to Belek. "We all know that we had half a year in which we didn't fulfill expectations," he said on Tuesday. "But I believe in the quality of the team that we have. The team is willing to improve. You can see that in the way they present themselves."

More pictures can be found at sources 1 & 2 :)

Source 1
Source 2
Source 3
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