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Belated Birthday Post : Clemens Fritz! (Our new other SIXER )

JUMP!!! For it was his birthday!!! Have a belated party with me! It's never too late to celebrate, right?

First. Let's get this party started!

Here is some exclusive footage of Clemens' impromptu post-Inter party, right outside the Weser Stadium on some parking lot! I think. With a very slutty granny who brought the party - doing some awesome awesome moves, poppin her ass etc. So press play BEFORE reading any further! It's the soundtrack to my post and establishes the atmosphere! I hope. Join in to grind and butt bounce along yall! (Sound quality is a bit poor, be warned!)

So it was Clemens' birthday and he turned: THIRTY (I noticed some grey streaks in his hair btw) He gets the oldz!
And once you get the oldz, you'll be teamed up with, who else: Frings!
Fritz saw many change in his life recently - hitting thirty, never pleasant, but most importantly: a new job came around the corner, somewhat unexpectedly he got promoted to the sixer position. New shiny office (he has to share one with Frings now) as well as more challenging tasks to perform. Like doing, err, loads of dirty jobs for bossy Frings. Why the two together, you ask rightly so? Because ALL the experts on Worum (there are ONLY experts on there, OF COURSE!) have decided both are PAINFULLY slow. And old. And should be slow and old together from now on. And of course THEY get to decide!

Here is our newly improved DOUBLE SIX!

(if you want you could read sex - but its not a must)

Yet, whenever someone gets a promotion, there's is always someone else, who loses out...

So how then does Per feel about the recent developments...

And who is totally losing out in this...

He just packed his box moving out of Frings' sixer office to where? the basement of forgotten talents???
(Btw notice his hair -- was he only blowdrying from the back??@#$%)

Is this going to be history from now on? OMG. Have they quit each other?

This gives me the sads!

Btw, here's Timääyyyyy's reaction...

Why can Fritz suddenly play alongside that old geezer Frings, then? Let me explain.

First. The physique! Here he is doing some serious pumpin' to eventually get some Frings thighs...Possibly. I mean maybe.

He excels in sucking... so he IS on par with Frings here.

He IS good at wearing hats too. Check.

He likes to cuddle with Almeida. A prerequisite!

He looks sessy when beat. Check. And he is real tan. Defs a plus in Frings' book.

Whatever that was about!?

A minus for such shameless fame-whoring and self-advertising in BILD --- but come to think of it, twas probably Frings who made that call to award-winning investigative journalists Balczuweit/Sonnenberg...Unsubtle (as always!) letting TS know, Fritz would be available for a new pairing up...

Sporting that godawful Jogi steel-blue sweater! Why? A clear minus! (But it was BEFORE he got promoted to the sixer position...)

A plus though: he likes to hang out in museums. Like Frings does. Want proof?

Btw, I quite like the selection of art works here. A Leonardo-inspired Renaissance-esque Frings in red chalk (the other dude must be the artists, I take, judging from his scarf) placed alongside some fierce postmodern exit-sign artwork without denying the tension! Approved!

Lookin' pretty post-Tottenham...

(He tries the "staring-at-the-upper-left-corner pose" Frings usually prefers. Needs some more training though.) Also. Notice his white-ish streak.

He does his own laundry, jus like Frings. Check.

When loosing to an opponent who is faster (which COULD happen, you know...), he likes to play some dirty tricks (he learned that from Frings) - like pulling pants... Check.

Also. It's an attempt at a fringsian slide-tackle! Check!!

He tends to forget things easily. Out of sight out of mind. Since that OTHER ONE plays somewhere in Spain... Ask Frings about Ballack! Ballack, who?

He occasionally scores (like against Sampdoria) and gets accretively touched for it.

You can't see him, he is partially obscured by touchy Frings. I am not sure if he is going to do penalties from now on...Might need some talking to Frings first.

Have some of the latest dramz. Fritz defending his buddy and new partner in crime! Don't judge, he is still in training though with the cuntface/bitchface thing a la Frings.
( I know, I know Wiese is the most furious bitch in all of this -- but still...)

Notice how he actually drags Wiese away from Frings (to get rid of him?)...

So then let's get this party started!

In come the (polkadotted) party guests...

And here is Allofs congratulating him on his bday. AND for hooking up with that Frings dude (he approves)!!!

Notice Frings going for Fritzs' thighs (checking him out...)

They have been doing a fair share of bonding, I guess...
Also. Notice what Almeida and Hunt are up to????

This is some random Frings. The hair! The gracefulness! I simply HAD to post it. Twas compulsive!

Another similarity, hair-wise - both Frings and Fritz wear hairbands. But now they get to share their collections in their shared office and try out new styles TOGETHER!

One thing though. I am not really sure whether his ass can ever match Frings'...

Judge for yourselves!

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