new number one

Soo, today the trainer-team announced, that Raphael Wolf is our new number one in the goal.
And of course Sebastian Mielitz is pretty disappointed (x), while Raphael is very excited.
Miele also sounds like he only stays until his contract runs out on 30.06.2014
What do you think of this? Are you pro Miele or pro Wolf??

Thomas Schaaf quits

Sooo, he's really going.
Thomas Schaaf, trainer legend at Werder Bremen, is quitting - for real!
and immediately!!! During the match against Nürnberg, Wolfgang Rolff and Matthias Hönerbach will coach.

"As we had said, in the past few days we analysed our sporting development and came to the conclusion that we wanted to venture a new beginning. We thank Thomas for everything he brought to Werder Bremen in more than 40 years of belonging to the club as a player and coach. The club celebrated excellent sporting success with him and he characterised Werder," said manager Thomas Eichin in the name of his management colleagues Klaus Filbry and Klaus-Dieter Fischer. "After battling to avoid relegation, we were of the collective opinion that a consensual separation was the best for the planned new start." A successor has not yet been named.

Schaaf bid adieu to Werder Bremen. "I had an extraordinary time here, connected with a lot of positive experiences and great successes. I would like to thank everyone who accompanied me along the way and supported me. I wish Werder Bremen a successful future," said Schaaf after 14 years as head coach.

Schaaf had been the longest current serving Bundesliga coach as the Mannheim native took office on 9 May 1999 and guided Werder to the league and cup double in 2004. Altogether, the coach won three German Cup crowns (1999, 2004 and 2009) and turned Werder into a regular in international competition. Under his leadership, the Green-Whites took part in Champions League seasons and played four seasons in the UEFA Cup/Europa League. In total, he coached Bremen's professionals in 644 competitive matches.

Schaaf looks back on an impressive career along the Weser. He has been an SV Werder member since 1972, rising through the club's youth system until reaching the Bundesliga. Already before retiring from the game, Schaaf took over coaching the Green-Whites' youth teams and coached Bremen's second team after he stopped playing and took over as professional coach in 1999.

*sniff* I'll miss him, but after the last 3 seasons I think it's for the best.


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Okay, fellow Werder fans, I need to know why we can't buy adult sizes of the away kit for this year? I've wanted one since the announcement of them, Arnautovic on the back because of the extreme badassery of kit and player. But I can't get one and I don't understand why. Can't even find them on the knockoff stores!

New season, new babies, new start!

So, I admit, I'm bad at this whole LiveJournal thing and I haven't been here in a while. In my defense though, every time I go to type in, 'LiveJournal' in my search bar, I accidentally type, 'Liverpool' and I get lost in a world that is the LFC fanshop. But not this year, I'm not doing it. I have moved the bookmark for this LJ into my regular bookmarks toolbars so that it's in my immediate site and I check it every day to talk to you guys because... I love you? Yes, I love you. So let's get down to business... the business where I spill my feelings and you go, 'That probably doesn't go here, October,' but you let me get away with it because I'm awkward and cute. Like Zooey Deschanel or something!

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PS: I have no idea what to tag this as. We should really have a tag just for my posts called, "Werder feelings". Or a new tag that goes, "green tears in the shape of diamonds". IDK. This is a feelings post.
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Oh Kapitän, mein Kapitän.

 So according to Werder Bremen's wikipedia, Per Mertesacker is officially the captain of Werder Bremen, Clemens at vice. I love Per, but I still think Clemens deserves it more. I guess this season will tell. Thoughts? Opinions?


Okay, as you've pointed out, it could just be the regular Wikipedia shenanigans. I fall for it too easily. All. The. Time. But that still brings up the question of captaincy...who should have it?