October Aeowyn (octobones) wrote in svwerder,
October Aeowyn

Okay, fellow Werder fans, I need to know why we can't buy adult sizes of the away kit for this year? I've wanted one since the announcement of them, Arnautovic on the back because of the extreme badassery of kit and player. But I can't get one and I don't understand why. Can't even find them on the knockoff stores!
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Hey. Unfortunately they are sold out since month. Sometimes they've got a few ones, but they are sold out really fast too. It's very difficult to get one because they are really popular... Sorry. :-(
It's fine, I was just wondering. I knew they were going to be popular the moment they were announced. You'd just think that Nike could do something about that. They make an abundance of Barcelona's no matter how ugly they are. I get that we're a small team but still...