October Aeowyn (octobones) wrote in svwerder,
October Aeowyn

Torsten Frings!

 So, last month (on my birthday, no less), my dog suffered a senile moment and attacked me. I was left with four puncture wounds in my face, one even took a small chunk out of my nose. I spent a few days being so embarrassed about it. Especially when it started to heal up and I've been left with these scars and UGH. But then a friend said to me, "You know, it's adorable! It's endearing in that Torsten Frings kind of way." And I'm not calling myself adorable, but I have to say that that statement did make me feel better. So I thought a spam for my Kapitän was in order!!


All from this season, I'm sorry! I don't have the patience to deal with my internet to go through more pictures (even though I would like to!). I hope this has worked, and if none of the pictures load for you, try again and then if that doesn't work just tell me and I'll hop on it!

As well as that, I might be coming to Bremen this summer! I'm really excited and I know that I'll more than likely be purchasing a jersey! I'm just not sure whose. I've narrowed it down to Fritz, Frings, Mertesacker, and Hunt. Someone help me!!
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