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Werder in Belek, Turkey

Yesterday, the players of Werder Bremen, including latest signing Swedish lad Denni Avdic, who signed a contract until 2014 yersterday and is supposed to replace Hugo Almeida, arrived at Belek, Turkey, for an 8- day training camp.

After a morning lactate- test at 11am, the team left at 3pm. Not going with them are Wesley, who is doing his rehab in Bremen, and Naldo, who might have to undergo surgery again.

Pics of the latctate- test & arrival at Belek are underneath the cut.

Training matches are against Trabzonspor, MSV Duisburg & Eskihesispor. The first match will be shown on German tv, Sport 1, at 7.30pm.

Weser Kurier 1
Weser Kurier 2

Random & probably shallow observations: *very subjective :P*

1) The new one is kinda cute :P

2) I wanna know what Per is laughing about :D

3) Per is cuter than Denni :P

4) Tim's hands are scary, they are a different colour than his face ;)

5) Boro's back! :)

6) Silvestre's back :(
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